Suitable for all metal fittings, our metal thread converters, reducers and enlargers are made from brass and are available in a variety of sizes. We now stock plastic thread reducers which are suitable for our plastic fittings.

Brass Thread Converters


Code Male Thread Female Thread
XM16-PG7 M16x1.5mm PG7
XM16-PG9 M16x1.5mm PG9
XM16-PG11 M16x1.5mm PG11
XM16-PG13 M16x1.5mm PG13
XM16-PG21 M16x1.5mm PG21
XM20-PG7 M20x1.5mm PG7
XM20-PG9 M20x1.5mm PG9
XM20-PG11 M20x1.5mm PG11
XM20-PG13 M20x1.5mm PG13
XM20-PG16 M20x1.5mm PG16
XM20-PG21 M20x1.5mm PG21
XM25-PG21 M25x1.5mm PG21
XM25-PG29 M25x1.5mm PG29
XM32-PG29 M32x1.5mm PG29
XM40-PG36 M40x1.5mm PG36
XM50-PG42 M50x1.5mm PG42
XM50-PG48 M50x1.5mm PG48


Code Male Thread Female Thread
XPG7-M16 PG7 M16x1.5mm
XPG7-M20 PG7 M20x1.5mm
XPG9-M16 PG9 M16x1.5mm
XPG9-M20 PG9 M20x1.5mm
XPG11-M16 PG11 M16x1.5mm
XPG11-M20 PG11 M20x1.5mm
XPG13-M16 PG13 M16x1.5mm
XPG13-M20 PG13 M20x1.5mm
XPG16-M16 PG16 M16x1.5mm
XPG16-M20 PG16 M20x1.5mm
XPG16-M25 PG16 M25x1.5mm
XPG21-M20 PG21 M20x1.5mm
XPG21-M25 PG21 M25x1.5mm
XPG21-M32 PG21 M32x1.5mm
XPG29-M20 PG29 M20x1.5mm
XPG29-M25 PG29 M25x1.5mm
XPG29-M32 PG29 M32x1.5mm
XPG29-M40 PG29 M40x1.5mm
XPG36-M32 PG36 M32x1.5mm
XPG36-M40 PG36 M40x1.5mm
XPG36-M50 PG36 M50x1.5mm
XPG42-M40 PG42 M40x1.5mm
XPG42-M50 PG42 M50x1.5mm
XPG48-M50 PG48 M50x1.5mm
XPG48-M63 PG48 M63x1.5mm



Brass Thread Reducers


Code Male Thread Female Thread
YM20-M16 M20x1.5mm M16x1.5mm
YM25-M20 M25x1.5mm M20x1.5mm
YM32-M20 M32x1.5mm M20x1.5mm
YM32-M25 M32x1.5mm M25x1.5mm
YM40-M25 M40x1.5mm M25x1.5mm
YM40-M32 M40x1.5mm M32x1.5mm
YM50-M32 M50x1.5mm M32x1.5mm
YM50-M40 M50x1.5mm M40x1.5mm
YM63-M32 M63x1.5mm M32x1.5mm
YM63-M40 M63x1.5mm M40x1.5mm
YM63-M50 M63x1.5mm M50x1.5mm

PG -> PG

Code Male Thread Female Thread
YPG11-PG7 PG11 PG7
YPG11-PG9 PG11 PG9
YPG13-PG7 PG13 PG7
YPG13-PG9 PG13 PG9
YPG13-PG11 PG13 PG11
YPG16-PG7 PG16 PG7
YPG16-PG9 PG16 PG9
YPG16-PG11 PG16 PG11
YPG16-PG13 PG16 PG13
YPG21-PG7 PG21 PG7
YPG21-PG9 PG21 PG9
YPG21-PG11 PG21 PG11
YPG21-PG13 PG21 PG13
YPG21-PG16 PG21 PG16
YPG29-PG13 PG29 PG13
YPG29-PG16 PG29 PG16
YPG29-PG21 PG29 PG21
YPG36-PG13 PG36 PG13
YPG36-PG16 PG36 PG16
YPG36-PG21 PG36 PG21
YPG36-PG29 PG36 PG29
YPG42-PG16 PG42 PG16
YPG42-PG21 PG42 PG21
YPG42-PG36 PG42 PG36
YPG48-PG29 PG48 PG29
YPG48-PG36 PG48 PG29
YPG48-PG42 PG48 PG42



Brass Thread Enlargers


Code Male Thread Female Thread
ZM16-M20 M16x1.5mm M20x1.5mm
ZM20-M25 M20x1.5mm M25x1.5mm
ZM25-M32 M25x1.5mm M32x1.5mm
ZM32-M40 M32x1.5mm M40x1.5mm

PG -> PG

Code Male Thread Female Thread
ZPG7-PG11 PG7 PG11
ZPG7-PG13 PG7 PG13
ZPG7-PG16 PG7 PG16
ZPG9-PG11 PG9 PG11
ZPG9-PG13 PG9 PG13
ZPG9-PG16 PG9 PG16
ZPG9-PG21 PG9 PG21
ZPG11-PG13 PG11 PG13
ZPG11-PG16 PG11 PG16
ZPG11-PG21 PG11 PG21
ZPG11-PG29 PG11 PG29
ZPG13-PG16 PG13 PG16
ZPG13-PG21 PG13 PG21
ZPG13-PG29 PG13 PG29
ZPG16-PG21 PG16 PG21
ZPG16-PG29 PG16 PG29
ZPG16-PG36 PG16 PG36
ZPG21-PG29 PG21 PG29
ZPG21-PG36 PG21 PG36
ZPG21-PG42 PG21 PG42
ZPG29-PG36 PG29 PG36
ZPG29-PG42 PG29 PG42
ZPG29-PG48 PG29 PG48
ZPG36-PG42 PG36 PG42
ZPG36-PG48 PG36 PG48
ZPG42-PG48 PG42 PG48

Plastic Thread Reducers


Code Male Thread Female Thread
YM20-M16P M20x1.5mm M16x1.5mm
YM25-M20P M25x1.5mm M20x1.5mm
YM32-M20P M32x1.5mm M20x1.5mm