T-SERIES is a tough and versatile range that is ideally suited for the bundling and tidying of cables and other loose wires, but can also be used in conjunction with out split conduits. Our tie bases and fixing bolt accessories enable bundled objects to be fixed permanently.

Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
Material: Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon)
Colour: Black as standard, others as listed
Flame Resistant: Yes
Certifications: UL Approved
Pack Size 100


Black & Natural
Nylon Cable Ties


Length Width
T80B2.5 T80N2.5 80mm 2.5mm
T100B2.5 T100N2.5 100mm 2.5mm
T120B2.5 T120N2.5 120mm 2.5mm
T160B2.5 T160N2.5 160mm 2.5mm
T200B2.5 T200N2.5 200mm 2.5mm
T140B3.6 T140N3.6 140mm 3.6mm
T200B3.6 T200N3.6 200mm 3.6mm
T300B3.6 T300N3.6 300mm 3.6mm
T370B3.6 T370N3.6 370mm 3.6mm
T120B4.8 T120N4.8 120mm 4.8mm
T160B4.8 T160N4.8 160mm 4.8mm
T200B4.8 T200N4.8 200mm 4.8mm
T250B4.8 T250N4.8 250mm 4.8mm
T300B4.8 T300N4.8 300mm 4.8mm
T370B4.8 T370N4.8 370mm 4.8mm
T430B4.8 T430N4.8 430mm 4.8mm
T150B7.6 T150N7.6 150mm 7.6mm
T200B7.6 T200N7.6 200mm 7.6mm
T240B7.6 T240N7.6 240mm 7.6mm
T290B7.6 T290N7.6 290mm 7.6mm
T370B7.6 T370N7.6 370mm 7.6mm
T430B9.0 T430N9.0 430mm 9.0mm
T530B9.0 T530N9.0 530mm 9.0mm
T710B9.0 T710N9.0 710mm 9.0mm
T812B9.0 T812N9.0 812mm 9.0mm

Coloured Nylon
Cable Ties

Code Length Width
T100##2.5 100mm 2.5mm
T140##3.6 140mm 3.6mm
T200##4.8 200mm 4.8mm
T300##4.8 300mm 4.8mm

Please specify which colour you want by replacing '##'
with one of the following codes:
BE (Blue), G (Green), R (Red), Y (Yellow).
Available in packs of 100.


Cable Tie Bases

Tie Width
TBB3.6B TBB3.6N 20 x 20mm 3.6mm
TBB4.8B TBB4.8N 28 x 28mm 4.8mm

Strong self-adhesive bases, which have a
temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.
Available in packs of 100.


Cable Tie
Fixing Bolt


Maximum Tie Width Hole Size
CTFB9 9.0mm 8.0mm

Tap into a pre-drilled hole in a solid wall/post and
thread the cable tie through the head.
Available in packs of 100.