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Contractor packs are a convenient way to purchase flexible conduit and fittings as a complete solution. Our most popular packs are listed below, however if you require an unlisted one, please call our sales team to discuss your needs.

- Convenient easy to carry pack.
- Easy to order (one product code.
- Choose from a wide selection of conduits.
- Packs to suit all budgets and applications.

PVC Spiral Reinforced

Pack Code Trade Size
PA16 16mm
10m x A16 + 10 x AF16DS
PA20 20mm
10m x A20 + 10 x AF20DS
PA25 25mm
10m x A25 + 10 x AF25DS
PA32 32mm
5m x A32 + 6 x AF32

Plain Galvanised Steel

Pack Code Trade Size
PB16 16mm
10m x B16 + 10 x CF16
PB20 20mm
10m x B20 + 10 x CF20
PA25 25mm
10m x B25 + 10 x CF25
PA32 32mm
5m x B32 + 6 x CF32

PVC Covered Steel

Pack Code Trade Size
PC16 16mm
10m x C16 + 10 x CF16
PC20 20mm
10m x C20 + 10 x CF20
PC25 25mm
10m x C25 + 10 x CF25
PC32 32mm
5m x C32 + 6 x CF32

PA6 Polyamide Nylon

Pack Code Trade Size
PH16 16mm
10m x H16B + 10 x HF16B
PH20 20mm
10m x H20B + 10 x HF20B
PH25 25mm
10m x H25B + 10 x HF25B
PH32 32mm
5m x H32B + 6 x HF32B

Corrugated LS0H Polypropylene

Pack Code Trade Size
PR16 16mm
10m x R16B + 10 x RF16B
PR20 20mm
10m x R20B + 10 x RF20B
PR25 25mm
10m x R25B + 10 x RF25B
PR32 32mm
5m x R32B + 6 x RF32B

Black available as standard, with 20, 25 and 32mm
also available in Blue, Grey, Red, White and Yellow.


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